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Tom Herron


Fully qualified and registered Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach with over 20 years experience. Working in the areas of Psychotherapy, Sports Psychology, Lifestyle Coaching and as an Asthma Care Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Trainer & Breathing Coach; Tom has trained and worked with some of the greatest names in the Self- Care, Self-Development, Positive Psychology, Peak Performance and Therapy fields. Over the years Tom had developed and delivered several programs in the Self-Care, Peak Performance and Self-Development fields and works with groups and teams as well as on a 1 to 1 basis.

Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue.


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Tom has trained and worked with some of the greatest names in the self development, positive psychology, and therapy fields

Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr Michael Yapko, Dr. Paul Mc Kenna, Dr Brent Geary, Dr Joseph Keaney, Roy Hunter Ph.D, Dr. Keith Hearne, Professor Dame Diana Mossop Ph.D Phyt. MD, Dr Pradeep Chada MBBSDPMBCETS, Henri Leo Bolduc, Dr. Bobby Bodenhamer, Patrick Mc Keown MBA(TCD), Sally Hughes BSc. Dip. Ed. Dip. Couns. MNAPCP, MLBCAI, MICHP. Tom Wynn MICHP ACEP PLRT, Carmel Semple MICHP PLRT, Fr. E Mc Creave M.Ed (Counselling). Christopher Howard, Anthony Robbins, Yvonne Dolan Ph.D., Owen Fitzpatrick, Brian Colbert, Joe Griffin Ph.D.


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Supporting Leading Organisations

In his everyday practice Tom is privileged to be able to work with people who are struggling with physical, emotional, and mental health issues, long COVID-19 exposure, as well as coaching and encouraging elite athletes in self-care.

Recently, Tom has helped The North Eastern Health Board, Accord Counselling Services, the Wider Circle Trauma Group, Niamh Louise Foundation, Regenerate Community Arts Program, GAA, University of Bath, University of Ulster, Mind Your Mate & Yourself, St Vincent De Paul, Irish Judo Federation, and various Women’s groups.

Tom holds clinics in Dungannon, Co Tyrone and online via Zoom, by arrangement.


Lectus a sagittis malesuada posuere tristique viverra.

Training that Works

Tom is renowned for his enthusiastic, friendly, humorous, and effective training style. Using techniques from a variety of sources and new technologies, Tom offers a wide range of life training and therapy programs and talks to help you determine and achieve your goals. These include Personal, Business, Sports performance, Relationship and Therapy programs. Tom has worked with groups, individuals, and people from all walks of life.

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