In Person Event with world-famous Founder of the Oxygen Advantage Patrick McKeown & Master Instructor Tom Herron  

Crowne Plaza Belfast, Northern Ireland
26-28 August 2022

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Now YOU TOO can become a Catalyst in the Health, Fitness & Well-Being Industry

Train to be an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Take a Deep Dive into Breathing for Physical and Mental Wellbeing learn how OXYGEN ADVANTAGE breathwork can help support those suffering from symptoms of trauma

Is the training for me?

This training is ideal if you work with clients as a physical therapist, physiotherapist. yoga/Pilates teacher, strength and conditioning coach, MMA Coach, Martial Arts Coach, Boxing Coach, or a coach in the self-care, fitness, or wellness space. Or if you simply want to become a breathing instructor.

If you specialize in mental health, psychology, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, counselling, work with children, or trauma care, this event will give you extra insight and expertise that will directly support your work.

What’s Included?

Your £850 Investment Gets You:

  • 3 days of Live, In-Person Training with Patrick McKeown and Tom Herron

  • In person Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training with it’s Creator Patrick McKeown

  • In person Speciality Training with Tom Herron – How I Use Breathwork in My Psychotherapy & Lifestyle Coaching Practice

  • Become a Certified Teacher of a method that has helped top athletes & performers, including Olympians, Soccer Stars, MMA Fighters, Elite Runners and many more.

  • 14 hours of live, interactive online classes with the creator of the Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown. All classes are recorded and uploaded to an online training portal for lifetime access.

  • Online pre-recorded video tutorials, Instructor Training Manual and specialist Zoom workshops with Master Instructors worldwide on a range of applications of the method for health and sports.

Course Content

What You’ll Learn

Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training with it’s Creator Patrick McKeown

  • Address breathing pattern disorders in everyday life and know what corrects them

  • Reduce breathlessness during exercise how to perform better for longer periods

  • Reduce injury risk by teaching optimal breathing techniques for all types of activities

  • Promote greater downregulation for a calmer mind and body

  • Improve sleep, rest and relaxation leading to faster recovery

  • Improve posture due to stronger breathing muscles

  • Reduce exercise induced asthma and boost mental performance

What You’ll Learn

Speciality Training with Master Instructor Tom Herron: How I Use Breathwork in My Psychotherapy Practice

  • Oxygen Advantage Breathwork to improve self-regulation and emotional responses when exposed to traumatic experiences.

  • What Trauma really is

  • How to recognise Trauma in self and others

  • How Trauma can affect breathing

  • How Trauma can affect mood

  • How Trauma can affect fitness

  • How Trauma can affect health

  • How Trauma can affect everything we think do and say

  • What to do about it, safely and effectively

Delve Deeper into Breath Control and Learn the Physical and Psychological Benefits.

The breath is a powerful tool. It has been used since the earliest days of psychology to calm anxiety and focus the mind. In this training, you will learn to apply the latest science through the world’s leading breathing training program, to improve your own health, and to support your patients through their recovery from trauma.

Using breathing to calm anxiety and focus the mind is a well-known tool, utilised since the earliest days of psychology. Now in just three days, learn to utilise the 21st century’s leading breathing training program to benefit you and your patients and help ease the damage caused by trauma.

Want to Learn More?

Read the Science

Improved Physical & Mental Health

Clearer Focus, Better Concentration, Restful Sleep

Improved Sports Performance

Book Now & Secure Your Place!

Book Now & Secure Your Place!

Take the full Advanced Instructor programme & learn about the application of Oxygen Advantage Breathwork for self- regulation and maintaining improved physical & mental health.

£850.00 (deposit of £250 is required for registration, and balance is due two weeks from training start date).

26th, 27th and 28th August 2022 (attend all three days)

9am-5pm daily

Crowne Plaza Belfast
117 Milltown Road,
Shaw’s Bridge,
Belfast BT8 7XP

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Your Instructors

Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown is the creator, CEO and Director of Education and Training at Oxygen Advantage®. His focus, to empower more people every day to breathe better, feel better
and achieve their potential.

For the last two decades, Patrick has provided breathwork training and breath-based sports
and mindfulness coaching to thousands of people. Patrick is a bestselling author of many titles including, The Oxygen Advantage, The Breathing Cure and Atomic Focus and is
deeply committed to communicating his knowledge to the people who need it.

Tom Herron

BSc (Hons) Psych Dip. Anatomy & Physiology, Adv Dip Psych. Adv Dip Hyp. LL.M MBPsS MEAPH FBPI

Based at Dungannon County Tyrone Northern Ireland, Tom Herron works in the areas of Psychotherapy, Sports Psychology, Lifestyle Coaching and more. Tom has worked with elite athletes and coaches, from many disciplines including, Boxing, Judo, Martial Arts, MMA, and more.

With over 20 years’ experience, Tom has trained and worked with some of the greatest names in the SelfCare, Self-Development, Positive Psychology, Peak Performance and Therapy fields. Early on Tom realised the importance of correct breathing as an aid to self-care, positive self-development, anxiety management, injury prevention and peak performance.

To become certified;

Once you are confident with the course material you have learned from the LIVE sessions, the video tutorials and presentations and information in the instructor manual you need to:

  • Pass an online exam through the oxygen advantage website (accessible through your instructor portal login).
  • Complete 3 case studies on practise clients through 3 weeks of coaching (online via zoom or in person)

*There is no time limit on when you complete your exam and case studies, you can progress at your own pace through the learning material and take the exam and work with clients when you feel ready.

Upon successful completion of the online exam and case studies, you will receive a digital certificate. Your profile as a certified Advanced Instructor will also be added to our website for your location.

In-person – Both Tom Herron & Patrick McKeown will be attending the Crowne Plaza in Belfast to host the the event.