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  • ✅ IMPROVE BREATH QUALITY - An effective anti-snoring belt, this breathing exercise device will greatly improve the quality of your sleep by encouraging you to develop a natural and consistent pattern of breath. ✅ USE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - The Buteyko Belt allows you to achieve effortless, healthy breathing the easy way while you work, rest or play. ✅ FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Featuring fully adjustable straps to accommodate all shapes and body types, this breathing belt is available for both men and women. ✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied, we'll refund your purchase price. No questions asked.
  • A must-have tool for breathing instructors, athletes, healthcare professionals, pilots and people self-isolating with COVID-19.
    The CMS-50DL offers a simple, easy way to test your own SPO2 and pulse rate, so you can take control of your respiratory health. The Contec finger pulse oximeter has been proven in independent clinical testing 1 to be accurate in comparison with more expensive products. It has consistently high user reviews. A must-have tool for breathing instructors, athletes, healthcare professionals, pilots and people self-isolating with Covid-19, the Contec CMS-50DL is FDA Approved and Medical CE Certified.
  • Myotape

    Myotape is a purpose-built lip tape, designed by Patrick McKeown to support nose breathing during sleep and exercise. Unlike other lip tapes, Myotape does not cover the mouth. Instead, it gently surrounds the mouth. Its light elastic tension brings the lips together so the wearer can maintain a closed mouth, ensuring correct resting tongue position and nasal breathing. Benefits When used alongside breathing exercises, Myotape:
    • Prevents mouth snoring
    • Reduces symptoms of sleep apnoea and supports CPAP
    • Boosts focus,
    • Improves sleep quality, reducing fatigue
    • Lessens the symptoms of asthma
    • Improves dental health
    • Relieves anxiety
    • Enhances athletic performance and stamina
  • THE PURPOSE-BUILT NASAL DILATOR FOR OPTIMAL SPORTS BREATHING TRAIN HARDER. RUN FASTER. BREATHE LIKE A CHAMPION. Nose breathing during exercise boosts power, strength and endurance. It protects you from upper airway infection — the #1 cause of sickness in athletes. And it supports quicker recovery and ease of movement, reducing your risk of injury. But when training gets tough, nose breathing can feel impossible. As exercise intensifies, you instinctively open your mouth to get more air into your lungs. And that’s the defining moment… When you could be pushing yourself to the max, but instead, you hit a wall.

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