Feel Good Factory

Offering a practical no nonsense approach to feeling good all day whatever challenges life brings you.

Amidst the magical settings of Parkanaur Manor House (near Dungannon, Co Tyrone) you will have a unique opportunity to raise your awareness and fine tune those areas of your life which may require a little or indeed a lot of attention and learn to allow yourself to live life to the full.

Feel Good Factory Course Overview:

The Feel Good Factory is a series of 6 weekly seminars designed as a program to show you week by week how to adjust your thinking and adopt simple lifestyle changes to help you create and maintain happiness, health and peace of mind in your everyday life.

Throughout the course duration we aim to demonstrate, discuss, explore, and explain the following,

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The first week shows you how you can use the infinite capacity of your subconscious mind to change your perception of the world around you.

Next we explore and discuss the choices we make moment by moment in our everyday lives and how they affect our health wealth and happiness.

Introducing you to the powerful world of visualisation and how you can utilize this facility to enhance all that you do and create the outcomes you desire.

Relationships, self-hypnosis and pain management are thoroughly discussed in week 4 with various exercises.

Towards the end of the course we demonstrate how adopting a simple physical routine helps keep you fit, healthy and build consistent habits.

On the final week, we explore how how forgiveness enables you to heal and let go of the past. We also teach you how you can maintain everything you have learnt during the course.

The Feel Good Factory course delivery is versatile and can be designed and delivered to suit any requirement. Please get in touch to discuss options. 

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Duration 1hr/week
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Sessions are Available via Zoom

Using Zoom for virtual Feel Good Factory sessions couldn’t be easier. Once we’ve agreed a time for the session, you’ll just need a reliable internet connection and a quiet comfortable place to relax

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About The Feel Good Factory Creator:

Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue.

Tom Herron


Tom Herron has been working as a therapist since 1998 and during that time has had the opportunity to meet numerous individuals in one to one therapy, as well as in team and group settings. Tom has previously delivered numerous courses, training days and week-end courses covering many areas including: self-esteem, relaxation & breathing coaching seminars and trauma-based programs.

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