Over the years I have attended, studied, learned and put into practice many different self development techniques. I have listen to and read popular authors who each had their own take on how to get through this life as easily and ‘successfully’ as possible. At the start, my powers of discernment were not as finely tuned as they are now and I tended to believe much of what the ‘gurus’ of the day were peddling my way. Many things still stay with me from those days however a great number of other things have changed. One of the greatest changes is my sense of value. I certainly value things differently now. I can now appreciate the wonders of nature.

The beauty of a sunset or the marvel of how in Ireland we can have all four seasons weather in the one day. I can look at a spider in the middle of its’ web and wonder how does she do that or how does she not get caught up in her own web. My sense of awe has greatly developed and I get great pleasure from simple things and the greatness and mysteries of nature. I now know that life is full of ups and downs. I no longer believe I am a failure when things go wrong and I don’t know the answers. I realise that positivity is only one half of the equation and periods of negativity teach me so much about myself. For many years I attempted to put a positive spin on everything that happened to me. If I was feeling bad I would have to do my utmost to get myself into a positive frame of mind as quickly as possible. This was quite a task and I failed miserably regularly. The effort too was burning me out and I felt exhausted much of the time. I also believed at the time that acquiring possessions was really important to me therefore if I wasn’t exhausted attempting to remain positive all day, I was exhausted running about the place trying to make enough money to buy things I really wanted however rarely needed. How strange life can be.

Nowadays I always get what I need somehow and in difficult times I accept that this too shall pass. I have found that everything is only temporary. The bad feeling leaves just as mysteriously as the good feeling. Even if I am in great pain, there are times when I am in greater pain than others. It constantly changes. I also appreciate the fact that I have learned very profound thing in my darkest days. It seems somehow that the only way I was to take the lesson on board was to go through that particular experience. I don’t have to like these episodes in my life however I now can appreciate their value in teaching me something more about myself. Remember whatever happens today you have the resources within to handle it.

Appreciate that ‘this too shall pass’ and there always is profound learning in the experience. Like me you don’t have to like it however knowing that it will pass and that there are lessons to be learned from the experience can be a help to get you through whatever it is you are dealing with. We can all wish such things never happen, however, they do, therefore we must acknowledge them, stay with them for a while and take action to do something about them. Action negates fear and you can feel the better for it.

Until the next time,

Tom Herron

Tom has over 25 years’ of experience in therapy, counselling, coaching and more. Over the years Tom had developed and delivered several programs in the Self-Care, Peak Performance and Self-Development fields.