Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the person you would like to be. What would be different? What would you do differently? What things would you change? Everyday we are making unconscious decisions and choosing to be the person we are. What we do today dictates what things are going to be like in the future. If I start to look after myself today I can reap the benefits in the future and if I plan some project today I can reap those benefits at a later date. However we seem to put obstacles in our way to prevent us from doing what we know is good for us. Sometimes we couldn’t just be bothered or we put it off to a later date.

Let today be the start of doing something that you have been putting off that you know would benefit you even though it puts you out a little to get going. You will be amazed how empowering such action can be. If you have something to do like making a difficult phone call that you have been putting off for some time even though there could be potential benefits in it for you, make that call today and feel the power of achieving that. Be the person you choose to be. Have a go and enjoy the benefits.

Tom Herron

Tom has over 25 years’ of experience in therapy, counselling, coaching and more. Over the years Tom had developed and delivered several programs in the Self-Care, Peak Performance and Self-Development fields.